A Dinosaur card game for kids!

What is dinowars?

What's inside?

Each Dinowars game comes in a premium hardbound box and includes instructions, a cheat sheet and 90 play cards (10 dino character cards, 5 war cards and 75 action cards).

It’s perfect for both at home and on-the-go gameplay!

Whats Inside Dinowars

How to Play Dinowars

Each player gets their own set of dinosaurs to build an army for. Strategically gather eggs under each of your dinosaurs to prepare yourself for a sudden war. Other cards help you or your opponent get stronger – so watch out for those!

Watch our Video on How to Play Dinowars!

Meet the Dinowars Team
Pterodactyl Fight

Bonus gameplay: What if there are 3 or more players?

Combine Dinowar cards from 2 sets (but just have one set of the war cards in play). If you do this, you can add 2 more players to the mix while following the same instructions. Every new set allows 2 new players to join in the fun!



“My kid enjoyed playing the game and asked to play 10 times in a row! Super fun game! The adults won’t be bored (as in I DON’T have to strategize how to lose) hahaha and good for teaching “strategies” to kids”

– Char Yu De Leon

“We took turns playing, my big boys loved it too!! This is perfect for travel too, easy to bring.”

– Lei Norwood

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